What do your dollars go towards?


The Kody Hodge Foundation is dedicated to celebrating the life of Kody Hodge. What better way of doing that than making his passion our own? To say “Kody loved theatre and acting” somehow seems inadequate--Kody was theatre. He was always more at home on stage than off.  

The Kody Hodge Foundation strives to support student actors, to help them hone their craft, and to encourage them to pursue the stage after high school. To achieve this, KHF has three things it will do.

The first: Kody Hodge Scholarship. KHF will issue a $2000 scholarship to a graduating senior who plans on majoring in Theatre at Amarillo College.  

Second: the Kody Hodge One-Act Festival. This will be the premier UIL One-Act Prep Festival in the State of Texas. With the help of our partners at Amarillo College, the Amarillo Area Foundation, and the Amarillo Convention and Visitors Council, we will host the Festival in Amarillo. The strength of a prep festival relies on the judges who are critiquing. We will have the best.  

Last, in conjunction with the Festival, KHF will have an “Audition Room”setup. This will be a place where students who wish to pursue their secondary education in Theatre can audition for multiple colleges and universities at one time. The Audition Room will allow student actors greater visibility and access to more theatre programs than they would have scheduling individual auditions at multiple schools. KHF plans to have the “Audition Room” available starting with the 2021 One-Act Festival.

I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being. ~Oscar Wilde