Kody Hodge One-Act Play Festival

Febuary 28 & 29, 2020


The Kody Hodge One - Act Play Festival

The Kody Hodge Foundation, in conjunction with Amarillo College and the Amarillo Convention and Visitors Council, will host its inaugural Kody Hodge One-Act Play Festival on February 28 and 29 of 2020. The festival will be held in the Amarillo Globe News Center for the Performing Arts. To find out more about this outstanding venue please visit the Amarillo Globe News Center website.

The Kody Hodge Foundation is committed to helping student actors succeed. With tremendous support from our community partners and generous donors, we have the unique opportunity to host the Kody Hodge One-Act Play Festival, free of charge. We hope that this allows more schools to bring students who are eager to hone their craft and dive deeper in to the theatre world.